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A little something about the owner.

Taking ownership and giving back

By Lauren Penning Lisa Faber is deeply connected to the history of hair in Seattle. When she was younger, she loved listening to her aunt, Joanne Meyers, founder of the Seattle Models Guild (later John Robert Powers) talk about the legendary Gene Juarez. In her teens she got to meet him. She promised him she was going to work at his salon one day, which of course she did. Now Lisa owns her own in downtown Seattle and with all the recent changes to the city it is a fixture that has weathered the current financial crisis as a testament to her commitment and savvy. Meeting with her in her salon she exudes gratitude for those who helped give her a start while she looks ahead to the future. The salon is aptly named The Collage because when she was telling a former co-worker about what she envisioned – a brightly lit space where artists could come and be themselves - “the co-worker said, ‘it’s going to take a collage of people to make it work,’ and I said, ‘that’s the name,’" she said. She hit the timing right. Ten years ago, Seattle was in a boom after the recession and a building on 5th Avenue was available. The owner even let her customize the entire space including the street façade. Through the trials of the ongoing pandemic, business has stayed good.

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